4 Great Examples of Physiotherapy and Acupuncture Clinic Websites to Inspire You


If the world wasn’t internet-savvy before 2020, it certainly is now. The pandemic has forced businesses to pour resources into their digital working and forced the public into using the internet for everyone. Many people who had never experienced a video call before 2020 are now seasoned pros and lots of people are happy to have video appointments, meetings and consultations.  

Just because we’re on our way to the light at the end of the tunnel, it doesn’t mean things will go back to the way they were. In fact, technology and technological uptake appears to have moved faster as a result of the last year.  

This means that geographic barriers have been well and truly smashed. If you have a client who used to come to you whenever they had a twinge but they’ve recently moved away, you don’t have to lose them. Video consultations mean you get to keep clients you might otherwise have lost, cut down face-to-face appointments and save your patients travel time and money.  

So, what does this mean for your clinic?  

It means that your clinic isn’t just a bricks and mortar place anymore. Now it’s also a digital space. And that means you might need to give it a lick of paint, move around the furniture a bit and light a couple of scented candles. Virtually, we mean.  

The important of an attractive clinic website 

If your physical office had peeling paint, posters from the 90s and a receptionist who was nowhere to be seen, do you think you’d stay in business for very long? These days, business websites are no different from premises and no less important. For attracting customers in the first place they’re more important than your premises because it’s what your customers are likely to see first.  

Getting a website redesign might sound like a lot of effort and money but it can hugely help if you already know the kind of website you want, what you want it to be able to do and the impression you want it to give.  

So, we’ve taken a look at the following four clinic websites, all in the acupuncture and/or physiotherapy space, to give you some inspiration.  

Exeter Acupuncture & Osteopathy Clinic 

exeter acupuncture clinic 

This clinic offers a lot of services which can be a real problem for a clean, easy-to-use website. However, the Exeter Acupuncture & Osteopathy Clinic have done an amazing job of presenting their main focuses, acupuncture and osteopathy, and still having a prominent drop-down menu for other services such as physiotherapy and massage.  

As soon as you get to the homepage, you can immediately see that appointments can be booked online and there’s a telephone number right up the top too. This is idea, as it caters for everybody’s contact preference.  

As you scroll, you see the team, an introduction to the clinic and then more information on their main services. There’s a clear colour scheme, everything is nicely laid out and there’s no struggling to find information.  

Six Physio 

Six Physio

At the time of writing, Six Physio had a bright image of strawberries on their homepage – the first thing you see. This is instantly memorable and far from the usual stock imagery of smiling models you see on so many websites. It has nothing to do with physiotherapy but it’s attention-grabbing, positive and matches the colour of the logo.  

Six Physio’s website lists prominently that they offer in-clinic, at-home and virtual appointments plus have a button to book online. Underneath, they have a short, sharp description followed by a couple of videos on common physical issues and links to more video explainers. This dedication to offering free information is fantastic as it not only helps site visitors immediately, but it’s clear that their patients can rewatch videos specifically related to their problem.  

If you want to read about why videos can be a fantastic patient care tool, check out our blog post on making physio videos. 

Bee Cave Acupuncture and Nutrition 

Bee Cave Acupuncture

This clinic website grabs the reader’s attention by offering the benefit of treatment as the first thing you see. Many people find themselves reaching out to acupuncturists and physiotherapists for things that they don’t feel warrant visiting a GP or perhaps they haven’t had any success going down that route. This clinic starts off by offering visitors to ‘regain’ their health.  

The homepage continues in a similar vein, asking if the reader is stressed and worried about their health. Instead of listing specific treatments like many sites, it lists the results that readers might be looking for. You can book online, read more about their treatments and find out about the team.  

Again, the colour scheme suits the business and is pleasant to look; it gives the same impression that the general ethos of the clinic gives. This coherence is trustworthy and leaves a strong impression.  

Pacific Bridge Wellness 

Pacific wellness acupuncture

The Pacific Bridge Wellness clinic immediately lets the reader know what geographic area they serve. This is great for people in those regions as they can see straightaway that this is a clinic aimed at them. There’s little mention of virtual appointments though, so anyone outside of that area might click away from the site.  

Having readers leave the site for this reason isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you don’t offer virtual consultations. It’s better to attract site visitors that will actually go on to use your services than people who genuinely can’t.  

Listing your geographic region is a smart move from an SEO (search engine optimisation) point of view, as potential patients wanting services in your area will be able to find your clinic more easily through Google.  

How’s Your Website Doing? 

As you can see, there are different styles of acupuncture and physiotherapy clinic websites, all with slightly different aims. When you’re designing yours, make sure you know what impression you want it to immediately give, keep your booking and contact information obvious and have your main services easy to see.  

When someone visits your clinic’s site, they need to instantly know what you do and then they can explore the page/s from there.  


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