The Best Health Podcasts for Clinical Professionals and their Clients 

best health podcasts



Podcasts have become the resource for research and entertainment that we never knew we needed. With relatively cheap start-up costs and little at stake, many professionals have turned to podcasting to get their messages across, take the listening along on their learning journey and bring priceless research to our ears.  

Whilst books and were formerly the go-to resource for new information and industry interviews, podcasts have filled a gap none of us had even seen. Is there anything better than listening to a real conversation between two people? Podcasts allow us to get to know the specialists and experts in our fields, hear their tones and enjoy the accessibility of the information they have to teach.  

The great thing about health podcasts is that they often have a specific theme and explore the myriad topics around that. This means you’ll learn volumes about interlinked disciplines, relevant to your own.  

5 Fantastic Health Podcasts 

No matter what branch of health or medicine you work in, these podcasts are outstanding resources.  

Feel Better, Live More by Dr Rangan Chatterjee 

Frequently at the top of the health podcast charts, Dr Chatterjee’s Feel Better, Live More podcast is an exceptional resource for everyone, whether you work in a health field or not. A British medical doctor, Chatterjee has dedicated his podcast to bringing fascinating research from experts world over, into his listeners’ lives in an easy-to-understand way so that they can better look after themselves holistically.  

From breathing techniques and barefoot living to nutrition, Alzheimer’s prevention research and mindfulness, this podcast is always worth listening to.  

BJSM by the British Journal of Sports Medicine 

Aimed at clinicians and anyone working in sports medicine, this podcast is packed with experts and interviews covering all facets of sports medicine practice, from injuries and rehabilitation to strength training and empowering patients.  

You can easily scroll through the podcast episodes to find those that are directly relevant to your practice and the gaps in your knowledge. Want to understand more about groin pain prevention and management athletes? Want to hear about common mistakes physios make with treatments? It’s all here in the BJSM podcast.  

The Doctor’s Farmacy with Mark Hyman M.D. 

This podcast is useful for practitioners, particularly those with an interest in nutrition, as well as the layperson. Focusing on food and nutrition, and how to stay healthy through diet-based changes, the Doctor’s Farmacy also covers topics from regenerative medicine to mindfulness and sustainability.  

While you can listen to this as a podcast, there is also a video if you’d prefer. The latest episode addresses sugar and whether it plays a role in the development of cancer.  

The Fresh Needle Podcast by Freshneedle 

While this podcast says it’s for newly qualified acupuncturists and students, it makes fascinating listening for anybody in the profession or thinking about training. The Fresh Needle podcast focuses on a different practitioner each week, listening to how they trained, how they practice and what aspects of health they focus on.  

Qiological by Michael Max 

This podcast focuses on Traditional Chinese Medicine and covers a huge range of topics. Through this podcast, you’ll learn about the skills, techniques and approaches in TCM and listen to interviews with world experts.  

Through these fascinating conversations, listeners can also hear about aspects of running a TCM practice and start thinking creatively about their work.  

(Brand New) The Student Physio Podcast by Bradford University

Lastly, from the University of Bradford, this brand new student physio podcast has just begun. It looks like it’ll be ideal if you’re studying or applying to study physiotherapy with chats between lecturers, students and specialists. One to watch! 



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