Get Involved in the Community at the Virtual Physiotherapy Conference 2021


Back this year in November after a successful virtual launch last year, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is continuing to run their annual conference online, Physiotherapy UK 2021. While nothing quite beats the atmosphere and networking opportunities of an in-person conference, having a virtual event means you can access the talks from anywhere and with no travel costs.  

When: 5-6th November 2021 

Where: Online  

Cost: £99 Early Bird CSP Member/£49 Student or Unwaged 

How is the Virtual Physiotherapy Conference Run? 

You might be sick of staring at a Zoom screen with ten faces staring back at you and wonder why you should be paying for yet another webinar. The Physiotherapy Conference might be virtual this year, but it’s not just a webinar by any stretch.  

The CSP has created a virtual conference complete with animated characters and conference auditoriums. This is a testimonial from last year’s virtual conference:  

“Completely immersive – I almost feel that I have been away for the past few days!” 

Can’t quite picture it yet? Check out this video from the 2020 conference 

As the conference is run in a virtual world, not video calls, the CSP has made an immersive experience that’s far more engaging and doesn’t make you feel as though you have to be always on. In fact, you won’t be visible at all, allowing you to completely relax into the experience.  


What You Can Expect at the 2021 Conference 

The themes of this year’s conference are:  

  • Evolving Practice: how practice, particularly musculoskeletal practice, can evolve in the post-Covid world. 
  • Transforming Provision: focuses on how services are provided to patients in a changing world.  
  • The Rehab Challenge: how rehabilitation is delivered in acute and community settings.  
  • Digital Transformation: investigating the way care is delivered in an increasingly digital world and how this affects patient experiences.  

A wide range of speakers and topics are coming together this year to provide fascinating insights, research and points of discussion for physiotherapy going forward. From dealing with post-Covid conditions to data collection and complex pathways, there’s plenty to keep you occupied during the event.  

Thanks to a well-built virtual world, you don’t need to worry about missing your opportunities to network or ask questions. There’s a facility to raise your hand to ask questions while watching a speaker and swathes of blocked-out networking. 


Why attend Physiotherapy UK 2021? 

Conferences are fantastic places to top up your CPD, get the low-down on the latest research and innovative thinking, and meet other like-minded people. You never know what you might learn or who you might meet, especially after a year of reduced movement.  

You can sign up for the Physiotherapy UK conference here and don’t forget to do it before the end of July, to avoid paying a higher price.  

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