Try These Adjustable Resistance Bands and Never Look Back


According to Google Trend data, searches for resistance bands shot up over the past year, likely due to people wanting to workout in their own homes. Whilst the events of 2020 might have spurred this increase, the interest in resistance band training may well increase further as bands are one of the most accessible workout tools. And with adjustable resistance bands, it’s even more straightforward.  

Adjustable resistance bands give you far more options for movements, intensity levels and changing abilities than simpler bands. Why? Because they have different resistant levels built-in. Adjustable designs have so many benefits, so let’s take a look.  

What are adjustable resistance bands? 

Usually, resistance bands are a single continuous loop or a single length of stretchy latex or fabric. Each band will have a specific resistance, depending on its construction and material. You can change the resistance of single length bands by holding them, say, in the middle, as opposed to the end. However, with no markings, you have no way of knowing what resistance it is you’re working with. 

Adjustable resistance bands are hard to find but absolutely fantastic as they offer specific levels of resistance in the same band. Because we recognised that most resistance bands didn’t offer adjustment, we went ahead and designed our own.  

With our Spoband, you benefit from multiple levels of resistance in each band. Each band has a series of loops in it, each of which offers a slightly different level of resistance. This means your band isn’t a one-trick pony and instead you can use the same band for different muscles, different days and different levels of energy.  

Is it important to have adjustable resistance levels? 

Not only are all of our bodies unique, but each part of our bodies is unique too. The amount of resistance your shoulder needs to get stronger will be different from the amount of resistance you need to improve your abductors. If you use simple latex bands, not only are they prone to slipping and rolling, but you’ll be constantly guessing at the resistance.  

With Spobands, there’s no guesswork required. Each band has around a 3 kg resistance range and we offer six different bands, starting at Spoband 20 with 1.6 kg – 4.7 kg of resistance to Spoband  55 with 4.2 kg to 10 kg of resistance.  

This allows you to keep your training consistent and means you can keep track of your progression.  

Spoband’s added benefits 

Whilst designing a resistance band that simply made sense, we also decided to make them as long-lasting and practical as possible. That’s why they’re machine washable, incredibly durable and fabric-covered.  

From yoga and pilates to muscle rehab, strengthening and toning, our Spobands are the best choice for adjustable resistance bands.  


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