How to Choose the Right Resistance Band Tension


Unlike weights, resistance bands don’t have exact resistance levels due to their ability to stretch. While this might make them slightly harder to get precise measurements from, it’s actually a huge bonus when it comes to resistance training.  

Variable resistance allows for much greater flexibility in use and a minimal amount of equipment compared to fixed-weight equipment. But with all that variability, how do you know which resistance bands to recommend to your patients? 

In this article, we’ll be looking at what levels of resistance different bands offer and how you can choose the right one.  

Understanding Resistance Band Tension Levels 

Resistance bands stretch and it’s this elasticity that creates their range of resistance. The lowest resistance is found at the point of least tension in the band and the highest is found the maximum stretch. The resistance is measured in kilograms; pulling a band at the 2 kg point is the same resistance as lifting a 2 kg weight.  

Bands are usually colour-coded depending on their range of resistance and often fall into: Light, Medium and Heavy.  

Light Resistance 

Light resistance bands are perfect for patients recovering from injury, where they require gentle resistance. The elderly can also benefit from using light bands to develop strength without putting strain on muscles. Light resistance typically falls within 1 – 5 kg.  

Medium Resistance 

Ideal for adult beginners and those looking to activate muscles prior to working out, medium resistance bands usually fall within the 2.5 kg to 7 kg.  

Heavy Resistance 

With a range between 4 and 10 kg, heavy resistance bands are designed for strength training, muscle building and improving coordination.   

The SpoBand Ranges 

Whilst many companies offer three resistance band levels, our SpoBands come in six. This is because every person is different and has different strength-building and recovery needs. Having six bands allows for a more nuanced approach with plenty of overlap so your patients never have to compromise.  

Our resistance bands are as follows:  

SpoBand 20 – Orange – 110 x 2.0cm
With a resistance of 1.6 to 4.7 kg, we advise this size to be used primarily by children, elderly and recovering patients. Over the years, SpoBand 20 has shown great results in helping patients recover after surgeries or accidents, allowing a smooth transition to a normal fitness routine. This size is also one of the preferred ones when it comes to yoga, Pilates and aerobics as it helps with muscle activation and stretching. 

SpoBand 25 – Pink – 110 x 2.5cm
This elastic band features a strength of 2.0 to 5.3 kg and it is recommended for adult females while recovery after a surgery, rehabilitation after an injury or simply for muscle activation. It is an intermediary step between SpoBand 20 which features the smallest resistance and SpoBand 35 which is a good option for muscle training and balance exercises. 

SpoBand 30 – Hot Pink – 110 x 3.0cm
Primarily indicated for muscle activation and pre-workout stretching, SpoBand 30 is recommended to be used by adult males. It features a resistance of 2.6 to 6.3 kg which is an intermediary strength before going to SpoBand 45 or SpoBand 55 which is great for muscle training or coordination exercises. 

SpoBand 35 – Yellow – 110 x 3.5cm
Part of the training range, SpoBand 35 is the next step after SpoBand 25, both being recommended for adult females. This size features a resistance of 2.8 to 7.7 kg which allows great muscle training and coordination exercises. 

SpoBand 45 – Green – 110 x 4.5cm
Designed to help adult males to stretch before a workout or recover after an injury, SpoBand 45 features a resistance of 3.7 to 8 kg which is ideal for muscle toning, cardio exercises and posture correction. 

SpoBand 55 – Blue – 110 x 5.5cm
This elastic band features the highest resistance of 4.2 to 10 kg which is ideal for adults and sportspeople to improve their coordination, correct the posture and performing muscle strengthening workouts. 

Stocking SpoBands in Your Practice 

As our SpoBands are durable, flexible and washable, they’re idea for long-term use. With loops, they offer a fantastic range of resistance that your patients can increase as they get stronger.  

Want to buy SpoBands for your practice? Get in touch with us today to open a trade account.  

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