Why Add Cupping Therapy to your Physiotherapy Practice?

The Benefits of Adding Cupping Therapy to Your Physiotherapy Practice

Are you looking for ways to expand your physiotherapy practice or add to your list of services? Do you want to learn a new, simple but powerful skill that will help broaden your customer base?

Maybe it’s time to add cupping therapy to your physiotherapy practice!

What is cupping therapy?

Although cupping has existed in several ancient cultures far removed from each other, it’s most often ascribed to traditional Chinese medicine or the Islamic practice of Hijama.

A form of myofascial release therapy, cupping is the act of placing cups onto the skin and creating a vacuum that draws the skin upwards into the cup. Altering the blood flow to the area and changing the muscle tension, removing some of the air in the cups to create the suction has a range of positive effects.

What does cupping therapy do for the patient?

A kind of deep tissue massage, cupping therapy can release tension in muscles, help increase blood flow to the area of application and be a very relaxing experience.

It’s grown in popularity over recent years thanks to celebrities and Olympic athletes like Michael Phelps showing off cupping marks. More and more people are making enquiries to physiotherapists, looking for cupping services so it can be a great service to add to your practice.

Another reason that this type of complementary therapy is seeing an increase is the wellness movement. The wellness trends continue to strengthen each year and people are becoming more interested in looking after their physical and mental wellbeing.

How can offering cupping therapy help your physiotherapy practice

Cupping therapy is an age-old skill that is fairly simple in its essence. While understanding how to adapt its use to individual clients takes practice, it’s a therapy that can be fairly quickly implemented into your physiotherapy clinic.

Plenty of accredited holistic schools offer classes at very reasonable prices, allowing you to add this complementary therapy to your range of services without a large outlay.

A high-quality cupping set is also affordable and with sets like the Meridius cupping set, you can easily invest in a comprehensive kit that is hardwearing and reusable over and over again.

Getting started in offering more holistic therapies allows you to broaden your customer range and help to create more comprehensive, bespoke programs to your existing clients.

Often, physiotherapists find that their practices thrive when they offer a diverse range of services, particularly ones that can be used in conjunction with each other.

Where to train in myofascial release cupping therapy

There are several one- or two-day cupping courses from well-respected institutions and we’ve listed a couple of links below.

Be careful to avoid any online cupping courses or courses accredited by organisations that own the ‘online college’! In general, it’s best to choose courses that require a day in the classroom, as these are far more likely to be reputable and will actually give you valuable, hands-on practice.

Cotswold Academy of Complementary Health and Sport: https://www.cotswoldacademy.co.uk/myofascial-cupping/

The Master Academy: https://www.themasteracademy.co.uk/9/Advanced-Cupping-Therapy-Masterclass.html

Jade College of Oriental Medicine: http://www.jadecollege.co.uk/cupping/

Buying professional cupping supplies for your practice

We’ve developed a cupping set that not only includes the full range of cup sizes, it also comes in its own, neat storage box. Our Meridius cupping set:

    •  Contains 10 or 17 cups depending on your needs
    •  Contains a range of sizes
    •  Detachable silicone valve for easy sterilisation
    •  Made of high-strength polycarbonate
    •  Extremely hard-wearing
    •  Easy to clean and sterilise
    •  Comes in its own storage box
    •  Transparent so it’s easy to see the skin movement
    •  Replacement parts available individually
Our sets are extremely hard-wearing and are suitable for intensive use in professional physiotherapy practices as well as for home use. Thanks to a detachable silicone valve on each cup and a polycarbonate body, it’s easy to sterilise the cups for hygienic use.

Adding cupping therapy to your physiotherapy practice is low cost, quick to train in and opens up your practice to more complementary therapies.

If you’d like to talk about our cupping supplies then please get in touch with our team on +44 1392 829133 or by email on [email protected]


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