Meridius Cohesive Bandage

Meridius® Cohesive Bandage is a strong adhesive bandage ideal for compression, strapping, holding ice packs on the skin and stemming blood from cuts.

This tape comes in two versions: woven or non-woven. The woven version is a good way to treat bleeding wounds as the material acts as a blood spill tape that absorbs fluid. Place a dressing pad over the wound and then tape it with Meridius® Cohesive Tape. The non-woven can be easily teared with your hands for quick use during sporting events.

Being a type of bandage that does not adhere to the skin and only to itself, it makes removing easy and pain-free.

Meridius® Cohesive Bandage is extremely popular in sports as it is becoming a replacement for PVC sock tape. Compared to the Zinc Oxide tape, the cohesive bandage efficiently protects the area without creating a discomfort as a result of pulling hair.