ORCA Accent Copper Handle Acupuncture Needles

ORCA Accent is a traditional Chinese acupuncture needle ideal for practitioners following the teachings of the Chinese school of acupuncture. Using high-quality surgical stainless steel, ORCA Accent is FDA and CE approved.

Moreover the easy-glide insertion system offered by the guide tube that comes with every blister compliments the silicone coating in offering a comfortable acupuncture session to your customer. It features a Chinese-style copper handle which works perfectly during moxibustion as the loop on the top allows the moxa to be firmly placed.

Being EO gas sterilised means the needles are safe to be used for up to 3 years from the date of the production, making them a convenient choice for both occasional users and practices.

Main characteristics:

• 1 needle with a tube per blister

• Disposable for single use

• 100 pcs per box

• Silicone coating