DongBang DB105 Igły do Akupunktury z Powłoką Silikonową

DongBang DB105 is one of the top acupuncture needles available on the market made of stainless steel. Being a high-quality and reliable needle it is the preferred choice for most acupuncturists worldwide.

The long Korean-style spring handle offers an improved grip making it a safe option for any professional looking for the perfect balance of traditional concepts and modern techniques.

Moreover the easy-glide insertion system offered by the guide tube that comes with every blister compliments the silicone coating in offering a comfortable acupuncture session to your customer.

The needles are packed in five needles with one guide tube per blister.

Main characteristics:

• 5 needles with one guide tube per blister

• Disposable for single use

• 500pcs per box

• Silicon coated