Meridius Tiger Warmer Moxa

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Meridius® Tiger Warmer Moxa is a traditional, all-natural compressed type of Korean moxa shaped in small cylinders.

This product can help reduce pain, muscle spasms and swelling and can be useful to improve the blood and lymphatic circulation.

Meridius® Tiger Warmer Moxa is made of 100% real mugwort, also known as “Artemesia vulgaris” or “ssuk” in Korean which is a herb believed to have medicinal properties.

This product is ideally used with Tiger Warmer devices which allows the moxa to concentrate on specific treatments points all over the body even on hardly accessible areas such as face, ears and nose.

Meridius® Tiger Warmer Moxa is dried for three years before preparation and packaging to ensure it will burn at a consistent, controlled temperature every time it is being used.

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